All Comox Valley Winners

Spagetti Squash


Waltham Butternut


Burges Buttercup

Productive, sweet and good storage quality.

canadian Crookneck butternut


RED kuri squash


sweet dumpling


hilda romana pole BEAN

2017 - Long and thin, and super delicious!

Long Green Chinese Pole BEAN

2015 - Also called the 4 season bean. The dried white bean seeds are delicious too.

rocdor bush BEAN

2020 - Delicious and freezes well.

green bush beans

2018 - Joan's collection of All Comox Valley Winning Bush Green Beans (Provider, Maxibel, Tendergreen), along with the 2016 All Comox Winning Brown Teddy Bush Bean.

brown teddy bush BEAN

2016 - Great fresh as well as dried! This bean was developed 23 years ago right here in the valley. Always productive, and delicious as a dry bean in soups, refried or baked.

Lucy's Early Pinkies Bush BEAN

2020 - This bean developed right here in the valley produces a delicious dry bean, great for making refries, soups and chiles.


2015 - holds up well in summer, but plant in April to get seeds. It does not like to bolt!

Rouge D'Hiver Romaine LETTUCE

2016 - great all year round, but late spring and early summer is the best time for it.

Sergeant Oakleaf Lettuce

2019 - 45 days to eat, and grows year round.

Sergeant Oakleaf Lettuce


amish paste TOMATO

2019 - grows as a vine, so needs a Trellis. Great slicing or in a spaghetti sauce!

ardwyna paste TOMATO

2019 - grows on a vine so needs a trellis. Delicious and great for slicing or making sauce.

Saucy (Roma) bush TOMATO

2017 - 60 fruits per bush, early too.

La Roma bush TOMATO

2017 - The best for salsas and very productive. Developed in 1950 for the home gardener.

Speckled Roman Bush TOMATO

2017- beautiful and delicious.

Valencia Bush Slicing TOMATO

2016 - from Maine. Low acid and sweet

Pollock Bush Slicing TOMATO

2017 - developed by John Pollock in Northern B.C. from the Bonny Bell. Early and productive.

Siletz Slicing Bush TOMATO

2017 - developed in Oregon, so likes cool summers. Delicious.

Basel Bieter Roeteli cherry TOMATO

2020 - this is a productive and tasty (a real tomato flavour) vining cherry tomato.

Black Cherry TOMATO

2015 - heritage from the Ukraine. Productive vine, so needs a trellis. Delicious and sweet.

Red Russian Kale

2016 - winter hardy. Produces seeds during its second summer.

Siberian kale


Black Zucchini Squash


Sugar Snap Peas

2020 - productive and very sweet