lucy's amazing arugula

This arugula was developed locally. It has a huge production of large full leaves. Slower to bolt than other arugula. When planted in late August or early September, it can last for months if the weather doesn't get too hot and cause it to bolt.



Red Russian Kale grows leaves that are flat, toothed, grey-green leaves with purple stems and veins really brighten after frosts. Tender for salads and good for bunching, the red and purple hues turn a rich, dark green colour when cooked.

Ellen's Frilly Kale


Sergeant oak leaf

This lettuce is a medium to large semi-frilled, loose-leaf green lettuce. It grows in an elongated, rosette shape, and is narrow and small at the base fanning out to a wide, curly, loose top. The deeply lobed leaves branch out in all directions, and are tender, smooth, and broad with many curls and frills. The lettuce is firm and crisp with a mild, sweet, and nutty flavour. Ideal for cut-and-come-again harvesting, which allows the lettuce to continue growing new leaves as the outer leaves are harvested.


Vulcan lettuce is an early maturing loose Red Leaf variety. It is a hardy, slow to bolt and vigorous cut-and-come-again lettuce that offers two to three harvests per season. Vulcan lettuce has crimson red tinted leaves that give way to green midribs and a succulent translucent pale green base. Its leaves are ruffled with a flexible, buttery texture and a lean, mild flavour.

black hawk loose leaf

The deep-red, roundish leaves are the hallmark of this lettuce. It tastes great and is decorative in mixed salads.


Dark burgundy Romaine with lime green bits and pink stems. Very longstanding and excellent Romaine with tall, cylindrical, tight heads. An All Comox Valley winner.

green romaine

This Romaine lettuce is medium to large in size with an elongated shape and stiff, upright leaves. The thick heads are loosely connected to a central blanched base and the leaves, averaging 10-15 centimeters in length, are broad with many folds and creases. The lettuce is crisp, succulent, and crunchy with a mild, slightly bitter taste. It is very tolerant of heat.