Canadian crookneck butternut

This cucurbita moschata variety was a 2020 All Comox Valley winner. Very productive and holds well in storage when properly cured. 

It is excellent in soups, exquisite as chips and fries and so sweet it can be used instead of sweet potato in your recipes. Not all necks are curved. The bulbous end is easily cut into two perfectly sized bowls that are a fun and delicious way to serve stuffed squash.

Red Kuri Squash (HOKKAIDO)

Stores until December after harvest. A deep orange, great tasting winter squash. Germination rate 95%. 2015 All Comox Valley Winner. Cucurbita maxima.

Black Zucchini

A good tasting, looking and producing zucchini. Germination rate >80%. 2019 All Comox Valley Winner.